The Daily Breakfast


1/2 Serve Egg (V) (G)
WIth yopur choice of fried, scrambled or poached on a slice of thick toast.


Eggs On Toast (G) (V)
With your choice of scrambled, fried or poached on thick toast.


Half Bacon And Eggs (G)
with your choice of scrambled, fried or poached eggs on thick cut toast.
Croissant with shaved smoked ham and Swiss cheese.
Bacon and Egg Roll (G)
Served on a toasted bun with euro's spicy maple BBQ sauce.


Smoked Mushroom Burger (G) (V) (VE)
House smoked mushrooms tossed in euro's spicy maple BBQ sauce served with slaw, smashed avocado and sliced pickles.
Tomato Haloumi (G) (V)
Roasted tomato, grilled haloumi served on sourdough with baby spinach, pesto and a balsamic glaze.
Mushroom Haloumi (G) (V)
Grilled mushrooms and haloumi, served on sourdough with baby spinach, pesto and a balsamic glaze.
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7am - 12 noon

The Daily Breakfast


The breaky 2


Seasoned Smashed Avocado (G) (V) (VE)
Served with roasted tomato, spinach, feta served on sourdough with a lemon wedge.
Vegetarian Omelette (G) (V)
With roasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and mozzarella cheese served with a slice of toast.
Omelette (G)
Served with ham, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and a slice of thick cut toast.
Bacon and Eggs (G)
Classic bacon and eggs, anyway on thick cut toast
Moroccan Egg Tagine (G) (V) (VE)
Moroccan spiced chickpeas, lentils and tomato topped with poached eggs or scramlbed tofu, roasted pistachio dukkah and grilled flat bread.
Baked Muesli (G) (V) (VG)
Brookfarm Bryon bay baked macadamia and cranberry muesli served with poached figs and tahini coconut yogurt and your choice of bonsoy, full cream, light or almond milk.


Mama's Big Brekkie (G)
With your choice of eggs, scrambled, fried or poached on toast, mushrooms, spinach, hash brown, tomato, bacon, chipolatas and a side of tomato and rosemary jam.
Gym Junkie Benedict (G)
Smashed seasoned avocado with spinach, poached eggs and our house made hollandaise with your choice of: - Mushrooms - Ham - Bacon - Chorizo - Smoked Salmon ($6)
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The breaky 3


French Toast (G) (V)
With fresh banana, strawberries, ricotta, pistachios and maple syrup.
Breakfast Burrito (G) (V) (VE)
With chilli, coriander, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon wrapped in a flour tortilla set on spicy Mexican tomato sauce and topped with a corn avocado salsa.
Vegan Breakfast Burrito (G) (V) (VE)
With chilli, coriander, spiced fried tofu, crisp vegan bacon wrapped in a flour tortilla, set on a spicy Mexican tomato sauce and topped with a corn avocado salsa.


Pumpkin Hash (G) (V) (VE)
Maple roasted pumpkin tossed with mushrooms, pine nut, spinach, fresh herbs topped with poached eggs, bacon and almond raspberry foam.
Middle Eastern Scrambled (G) (V) (VE)
Goat's cheese, pistachio dukkah and sliced red peppers tossed through soft cooked scrambled eggs served on flat bread, topped with bacon, hummus and a lemon wedge.
Smoked Field Mushroom (G) (V) (VE)
With a lemon infused potato rosti, bacon, poached eggs. Topped with a roquette, walnut and pepita salad and a spicy cranberry chutney.
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               ( Vegan option with spiced fried tofu and vegan bacon.)

Tomato $3

Toast (1) slice $3

Chipolatas $3

Turkish Bread $2

Mushrooms $3

Sourdough $2

Hash brown $3

Egg $3

Hollandaise $3

Gluten free bread $3

SMoked Salmon $6

Fetta $4

Bacon $4

Vegan bacon $4

Chorizo $4


tofu $4

House made baked beans $4

Avocado Fresh $4.50

smashed avocado $4.50

Halloumi  $4.00


All our bacon is hickory smoked and RSPCA approved

All our eggs are RSPCA approved

Most of our items can be made gluten free. Where you see (G) next to menu items please ask for the gluten free alternative. As you know gluten free products are quite expensive so an extra $3 wwill be charged to each gluten free meal.  Please ask for the VEGAN alternative.

(V) = Vegetarian (VE) = Vegan